How's Your Bedtime Beauty Routine???

I get it, everything is officially done for the day and you feel like you had zero time for yourself so you treat bed time as your “catch up” (social media, working on plans, netflix etc.) and before you know it, its almost midnight. 

if we want to keep not only our hearts, minds, bodies (skin) and souls, in the best condition, we need adequate sleep and a great routine.

It may be hard to completely change everything all at once so take the tips below and start to implement them as you can. Consistency is key to create habits.

  1. Drink a glass of H2O. Chances are, you did not drink enough today so do yourself a favor and get that last glass in. Your body and skin will thank you. To find your minimum water intake during the day, take the amount you weigh and divide it in half. Thats how many ounces you should be drinking.
  2. Brush your teeth (DUH, right?) Just a reminder! Get that build up off your teeth..that alone will help you sleep better (and curb any snack cravings!)
  3. Wash your face. Do you know how many times you’ve touched your face today? How about if you have kids, do they touch your face (and everything else you own?) yes.. Think of how much yuck you’ve accumulated on there. Gross… Definitely wash your face. Wash, tone, hydrate.
  4. Write. Get a journal to keep by your bed and write down what you are thankful for. Whether you had a great day or one where nothing went right, actively showing gratitude helps to bring you into a positive mindset (and whether you know it or not, when you are in that positive, thankful mindset, your immune system is boosted and your systems can focus on working as they should to keep you healthy.)
  5. Turn off electronics. Did you know that the blue lights in TV’s, computers, and cell phones actually keep you awake? Shut it down. If it’s too tempting. put it in another room and get an old fashioned alarm clock:)
  6. Meditate. After you turn the lights out, do yourself the ultimate favor, and meditate. A great pre-bed meditation is to focus on your “out” breath. Put your hands on your belly and every time you feel yourself breath out, say the word “out” in your head. You will notice that your mind starts to wander. It’s okay. Let it. Be easy on yourself. As soon as you notice it has wandered, finish your thought, and then bring it right back to your breath. Before no time you will not only be a pro, but you will be fast asleep!
  7. Make your bed. As soon as you wake up, make your bed. Not only does your day start out productive and with accomplishment, but you will be more uplifted when the day ends to start your bedtime routine all over again.

I hope these tips find you and I hope they change your life. 

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