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Just who are you….

I’m Kate Key, lover of weddings, puppies and wedding cake. I’ve been shooting weddings for about 6 plus years now (I’ve lost track) and my husband and I average around 30 weddings a year and we have definitely crossed the 200 wedding mark in our career. We think that we could probably fill an entertaining novel with some of our wedding stories but we’ll save that for another day. I think photographers can provide a really unique perspective on makeup because we edit photos of people’s faces ALL. DAY. LONG. Photographers can have a really unique eye for what looks great in photos and typically spends the majority of the day with the bride. We get to hear the good and the bad of what brides really think of their makeup/hair once they leave the salon…..

Ok, Ok, We guess we’ll read your thoughts and opinions….

Overall, a good makeup job can be the difference between looking like a pro wedding model and well, not. I hate to put that much weight on it but I’ve seen makeup make and break a wedding look. At the very least, it isn’t something you should overlook.

Oh my, I had no idea it was this intense…..

Picking a makeup artist is a lot like choosing the right photographer. You need to find the right experience, style, and personality to fit yours. Personally, when I got married, I didn’t want to look like a punk rocker so I chose an artist that could provide me the natural look I wanted and was experienced (looking at you Loren Dreas). Just like finding a photographer, you need to ask the makeup artist about their experience and take a look at their work. An experienced makeup artist is not only going to be to handle the pressure of a tight wedding day schedule, they will also be able to confidently work with you to achieve the look you want.

Do I REALLY need a trial run?......

YES, YES, YES, YES. Unless you are just totally winging your wedding and completely trusting the professional to do their thing, do a trial. I would say the very small handful of brides that I have worked with that have not done a trial were so laid back and trusting of their professional that they probably would have loved anything that the professional did. The trial is your chance to say “hey, I hate this look” without having the consequence of impacting the schedule of your big day or you ending up with a look you regret in photos for a lifetime. Do the trial, ask the professional to write down your choices, and check it out in natural light. Imagine the entire look- wedding makeup with a flannel shirt isn’t the same as putting the gown on and watching it all come together.

Best looks for photos are?........

Contour on most people looks AMAZING. Don’t be afraid to go more noticeable with your eye makeup than you’re accustomed too, it does really show up in photos and makes your eyes pop. On the same hand, if you’re uncomfortable with the look or its not “you” don’t feel like you have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the photos. At the end of the day, you want to look like the best version of yourself, not someone you barely recognize. I’m a huge fan of fake lashes as long as they are realistic and comfortable for the bride. If you’ve never worn them before, your wedding day probably shouldn’t be the first time you try them. For some people, fake eye lashes can be really irritating.
If it’s the winter time and you’re going to be outdoors taking photos, consider going light on the blush and adding a little more bronzer. The longer you’re out in cooler weather, the more red your face becomes from the cool wind. In contrast, in the summer, consider makeup looks that are going to decrease redness in the heat.
I recommend full coverage for most, just because air brush is a hot trend doesn’t mean its going to look good on your skin and your face type. Go with the coverage that is going to make you look flawless, not necessarily the process that’s currently “in.” Purge your Pinterest wedding board, go to your trial with an open mind.

What if I’m SUPER picky about my makeup….

Do more than one trial, find a makeup artist you really trust, and stick to a look you approved in your trial. Switching your mind on your wedding day might give you with a look you love more but in most cases, usually results in disappointment. We all get on Pinterest and get unrealistic expectations of what we think we should look like on our wedding day but just remember, you’re beautiful the way you are and your wedding day makeup should be the best representation of yourself. If you think you’ll fret about it a lot, do the trial and then buy the palette or makeup that your artist uses so you can get used to the shades and even solicit sneaky feedback from the husband to be.

Anything else?....

Just remember there’s a fine line between glamour and bozo the clown. You can always overdo it so choose the right professional, trust that professional, and be 100 percent happy with your trial before going into the big day. Avoid using any new products on your face/skin the week of your wedding to prevent breakouts and/or allergies. Take a deep breath, you’ll look amazing.

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