That Mirror of Yours Should Only Show You Three Things...

What we choose to see in the mirror affects e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. We either walk away from it carrying confidence or we walk away from it with our flaws in mind. 

Think about it- that time you woke up with the huge breakout and nothing was going to hide it. Or maybe you hid it well except YOU knew it was there. So when you ran into Suzie Q at the grocery store, you weren’t even listening to a word she was saying because all you could think about was “Oh gosh, she probably thinks xyz” so maybe you bring up all of the reasons why your face is broke out instead of having a genuine conversation with Suzie. And in REALITY, Suzie Q didn’t even notice, she was just super happy to run into YOU. Am I right??

On the flip side, another day you wake up with extremely dewy skin and you spend an extra 10 minutes just smiling at yourself in the mirror. Maybe you even get your phone out and take a selfie to post on facebook with a quote and #loveyourself and everyone LOOVES it. Am I right again?

I thought so! Why. Do. We. Do. It?! This quote sums it up.

“Mirrors have three purposes. To show you who you are, to show you who you were and to show you who you want to be.”

If we see something that doesn’t align with how we want to see ourselves, we pick ourselves apart or worse, we take it out on others. 

How about instead of picking yourself apart, you show yourself some grace. Give yourself a pep talk when your dealing with a not so great first look in the morning. We all have them. Look at yourself in the mirror and pep yourself up like you would to your child or your best friend. Genuinely care for your feelings- look at that person in the mirror who has so much love in their heart and will make a huge impact on this world…feed YOU don’t feed the flaw and ruin your whole day. Besides you are the ONLY one who sees that flaw the way you do- the people who matter in your life don’t even notice.

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