Which Blush With Your Lipstick??

I’m sure a lot of people don’t really think about it, especially those who don’t really wear lipstick, but it’s a question I get asked a lot when I’m giving lessons. “Which blush should I wear with this lipstick color?” 
If you wear lipstick, this post is for you. Or maybe you’ve tried, but it never looked right to you...then this may be just what you needed to see!
Blush is a necessity when you wear a bold lip.  If you don’t wear some color on your cheeks, your lips could wash out your complexion.  Think of blush as a complement to your lips . . . your lips are the center of attention and you don’t want your cheeks to “steal the show.”  Wearing too much blush or the wrong color is an easy mistake to make.
Our eyes love balance. The best example I always tell my clients is to think of 80s makeup... bright colors all over the place- eyes, cheeks and lips. Sure, it’s fun to recreate those looks for Halloween, but otherwise, it’s a little overwhelming, am I right?? 😬 It’s because there isn’t a balance. 
Scroll on to learn how to pair the perfect blush with your lipstick color.

For Orange, you’re going to want to stay away from pinks and reds.  Choose an orange, peach or coral color to complement the orange. 

Ultimate Lipliner in Hazard
Creme Lipstick in OMG Orange
Blush Glow in Captive


For purple, find one with purple or mauve undertones and stay away from reds and bright pinks.  Just a small amount will work – let the lips do the talking for this look.

​Ultimate Lipliner in Narcissist
Creme Lipstick in Vivacious Violet
​Blush Glow in Ignite


For wine lips, you’ll need more blush than you probably think you do.  The dark dramatic color of your lips can drain color from your face if you don’t choose a dark enough blush.  Try one with a bit more brown than pink and don’t be afraid to use a little bit of a heavier hand!

Ultimate Lipliner in Winery
Creme Lipstick in Classic Cranberry
Blush Glow in Breathless


Red is always a favorite – classic, timeless, and a perfect way to add a little glam to everything from jeans to your favorite little black dress.  You can always go with a neutral blush with this color, but I like playing up the cheeks a bit with a red lip.  Finding a color that matches (like a red or dark pink) will work great.

Ultimate Lipliner in Candy Apple
Matte Liquid Lipstick in Red She Said
​Blush Glow in Aztec


Not going to lie, I am pretty obsessed with this new shade of blush!  If bright pink isn’t your thing, it looks just as pretty with a softer pink like Seashell.  Pink blush adds the perfect “I’ve just been outdoors in the cold” flush to cheeks and warms up paler skin.

Ultimate Lipliner in Pink About It
Matte Liquid Lipstick in You Wish
Blush in I Pink I Love You


My mom always tells me "Finish the painting, Loren!!" but, this is me...it's what I like and it's what I feel most confident wearing. Nude. It's my favorite.  It looks especially good with a dark smokey eye.  For a nude lip, you’ll want a blush that is similar in color and apply it with a light hand.  Highlighter looks especially pretty with nude lips and cheeks.

​Jumbo Lip Pencil in Dusty Rose
Plumping Gloss in Gossamer
Blush Glow in Sunny Honey

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